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Traditional Italian biscuits. Legend has it that they originated from the town of Prato, where they called them biscotti, from Old Latin bis cotto – baked twice. The dry biscuits kept well and tasted great dipped in tea, coffee or wine so it comes as no surprise that even today you might get cantucini [...]


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Ingredients: 250 g cleaned celeriac (celery root) 1 tbsp butter 3 tbsp spelt flour 1 l vegetable stock 1 tbsp cream juice of ½ lemon salt, white pepper, pellitory, sugar Method: Slice the celeriac and bring to a boil in salted water seasoned with lemon juice (which will prevent the root from [...]


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St. Hildegard's recipe Ingredients: 6 eggs (separated egg yolks and egg whites) 250 g brown sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 250 g grated carrot 300 g ground almonds 50 g spelt flour lemon zest For the glaze: 100 g chocolate 50 g butter Method: Line the bottom of a cake tin with a [...]


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Ingredients: 1 cup spelt flakes šalice 1 cup oat flakes 1/2 cup chopped walnuts and hazelnuts 1/2 cup chopped almonds 1/2 tsp grounc cinnamon ½ cup coconut oil 2 tbls honey or maple syrup   ½ cup dried fruit (sultanas and cranberries) ¼ cup chopped dark chocolate Method: Coata large baking dheet with [...]


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Ingredients: 1 chicken 1 clove garlic salt, pepper, galangal, pellitory 2 tbsp spelt flour 3 tbsp oil (or butter) 200 g sliced champignons 100 g butter 250 ml white wine (Riesling) 1 bay leaf parsley, mint, estragon – finely chopped ½ cup cream Method: Carve the chicken and remove the skin. Crush [...]


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Head lettuce is, according to St. Hildegard, an universal aid for digestion, helps with constipation and aids brain circulation. Ingredients: 1 head lettuce (crisphead, Romaine, oakleaf, lamb’s lettuce…) 2 tbsp wine vinegar 2 tbsp sunflower oil 2-3 tbsp softly cooked spelt grains salt about 1 tsp sugar pellitory and pepper herbs [...]


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According to St. Hildegard's, these biscuits may help with blood circulation and memory loss and calm the nerves Ingredients: 400 g spelt flour 250 g butter 150 g sugar 200 g ground almonds 20 g cinnamon 20 g nutmeg 10 g cloves 2 eggs a pinch of salt water (as needed) [...]


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An interesting combination according to the instructions of St. Hildegard Ingredients: 4 tbsp boiled spelt grains 200 g fresh granular cheese 150 g boiled beetroot 1 tbsp freshly grated horseradish 1 tbsp chopped herbs (dill, parsley, balm…) 2 tbsp lemon juice salt, thyme, galangal (on the tip of a knife) 1 [...]


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Ingredients: 4 turkey escalopes 50 g spelt flour 50 g butter 750 ml stock salt and pepper pellitory, galangal dill and mint – finely chopped lemon juice Method: Rub the escalopes with salt, coat with flour and fry briefly in melted butter until nicely golden on both sides. Dissolve the flour in [...]


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According to St. Hildegard Ingredients: For the pancakes: 1 cup spelt flour 1 ½ tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 1 cup milk 1 cup sour cream 3 tbsp melted butter (or oil) 1 egg For the filling: 500 g champignons 1 onion 1 clove garlic salt and pepper herbs and spices to [...]