½ green cabbage head
1 small onion
600 ml vegetable stock (or water)
salt and pepper


¾ kg pastry flour
2 eggs
some water


Combine the flour, eggs and water to make a firm (but not too tough) ball of dough.
Divide the dough into three smaller balls and thinly roll out each ball. Leave for 10 minutes to dry. Roll into crepes and slice (using a sharp knife) into 1.5 cm wide strips. Cut each strip into square patches. Spread the quadretti on a wooden board dusted with flour and leave to dry for at least an hour.
Finely chop the onion. Core the cabbage and cut into 1×1 cm patches.
Briefly sauté the onion in oil. Add the cabbage, season with salt and pepper and cook over low heat, adding stock occasionally until the cabbage is soft (about 30 minutes)
Season with salt (to taste) and pepper (lavishly).
Cook the dried pasta in a large pot of salted water for 5-7 minutes. Drain and add to the braised cabbage.