To make these cannonballs, which would make any pirate jealous, you need:

200 g butter cookies or graham crackers

70 g softened butter

200 g milk, semi-sweet or bitter-sweet chocolate

½ dl heavy whipping cream

1 cup chocolate/cocoa powder


Place cookies in a ziploc bag, close well and roll a rolling pin over until evenly crumbled. Transfer the finely crumbled crackers in a large bowl.

Break chocolate into small pieces.

In a baking dish, put chocolate, butter and cream and heat in a microwave for 1-2 minutes. Stir. CAREFUL – it might be hot!

If the chocolate has not melted, heat in for another 1 minute in the microwave.

Stir and, carefully, to avoid getting burned (it is wise to use mom’s oven mitt or ask an adult for help), pour the mixture over the cookies. Mix with a spoon and let cool for a minute or two. Form balls with your hands. (It the mixture is too thin, add more crumbled cookies). Let dry for ½ hour, then roll in chocolate/cocoa powder.

These cannonballs are sure to win over any enemy.