For the crescent rolls:
1 l plain flour
2 heaping tbsp sour cream
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
12 dag melted butter
1 block of fresh yeast
about 3 dl warm milk
½ tsp baking powder
Optional: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, coarse salt

For the filling:
100 g grated cheese
100 g chopped ham
1-2 tbsp sour cream or cheese spread
salt and pepper to taste

1 egg yolk


Combine 1 dl milk and sugar. Add yeast, cover and leave to rise.

Sieve flour, salt and baking powder into a large bowl. Add cream, melted butter and milk with yeast. Add the remaining milk and make smooth dough.

Divide it into 6 equal parts.

Kneed each part of the dough into a ball, cover and leave to rise for an hour.
and then roll it out into a circle. Cut into triangles and roll into crescents.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Combine the ham, cheese and cream; season to taste.

After an hour, roll out each ball of the dough into a circle. Cut into triangles and place filling on each. Roll into crescents.

Place the crescent rolls on a greased tin leaving enough space for them to rise. Brush with a beaten egg yolk and leave to rise until the oven is heated. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, cumin, and coarse salt (optional).

Bake the crescent rolls in a pre-heated oven at 180 °C for 20 minutes.