Add a touch of nature to your home by decorating walls with living pictures made from succulent plants.

What you need:

1 deep wooden box with a lid (similar to a key box)
OR a deep wooden box and an appropriate size frame
1 large plastic bag
1 piece of mosquito netting (non-stretch) matching the size of the box
succulent plant soil
8-9 small succulent plants
a scalpel
upholstery staple gun (or a hammer and nails)

Cut the bag to fit the bottom and sides of the box. Cover the inside of the box and use the stapler to fix it to the edges. This will prevent moisture from reaching your wall.

Fill the box with the soil. Press down to make it really full.

Cover the soil with the netting and fix it to the top edge of the box with the gun (or nails). The netting will keep the soil from falling out of the picture.

Close the box or, in case you decide to use a frame, nail the frame to the top side of the box (so that the netting remains between the box and the frame).

Cut small Xs in the netting using a scalpel. Push your finger through each and make a small hole in the soil beneath it. Carefully place a succulent plant with all its roots in the soil and the leaves above the netting.

Arrange the plants to your liking, taking care that they’re not planted too densely as they WILL grow!
Once done, sprinkle with a small amount of water.

Keep the picture in a horizontal position for two weeks for the plants to take root.
Hang on your wall.

NOTE: Take the picture off the wall for watering (as it might otherwise fall because of the weight of water) and return afterwards.