During the months in which we spend more time outdoors, by the barbeque and in large companies, a wall-mounted bottle opener will prove handy. Mount it on the wall of your terrace, porch or a tree under which you arrange your table – or give it as a present to your host.

What you need:

a plank
a metal bottle opener
a small can
a screwdriver
a drill
a hammer and a chisel (optional)
stain or paint for wood
a brush
a pencil
2 wire hoops

Sand the plank. Apply a layer of stain and leave to dry.
Mark the spots for the opener and the can. Make sure they are not close to each other so that a bottle can be inserted between them.
The can will collect the caps lest they should be scattered around.
Drill a small hole below the top edge of the can for a screw that will attach it to the plank.
Using a pencil, make an inscription (e.g.: Cheers!) and chisel it. (optional)
Attach the opener and the can using the screws.
Screw the hoops to the back side and hang on the wall.