Create the warm atmosphere of your home with lanterns designed after a frozen city…

What you need:

1 jar (1 l in volume or larger)
black glass marker
black acrylic paint
glass contour paste (without baking), pearly gray or dark blue
artificial snow spray
a piece of wire
a candle or small, battery-powered LEDs

Wash the jar thoroughly and dry well.
Contour houses, buildings, pine trees, parks… on the outer side of the jar (If you are not comfortable drawing directly on a jar, make your drawing on paper first, place it inside the jar and use as a template for drawing on the outer side of the jar.)
Apply paint (marker or acrylic) within the contoured drawings, leaving the doors and windows clear.
When done, leave the paint to dry (about 30 minutes).
Use the contour paste to highlight the edges. (You can skip this step, but the edges so defined will produce a nicer, 3D look of your design.)
Leave to dry again for about 20 minutes.
Spray the top part of the jar with artificial snow. (Do not get too enthusiastic as you do not want the snow to cover your entire artwork!)
When the snow is dry, use a piece of wire to make a small handle and fix it around the upper rim of the jar.
Place a candle (or LEDs) inside the jar and enjoy a winter wonderland.