What you need:

50×50 cm black plush
30×50 cm grey satin
30×50 cm strong fabric
30×50 cm interfacing fabric
1 zipper (with crystals), 25 cm long
several feathers (optional)
1 safety pin

Iron (to glue) the interfacing fabric to the back side of the satin.
Use the template to cut two pieces from the plush, leaving 1 cm rim on all sides.
Repeat with the satin (with interfacing) and the strong fabric.
Join 1 piece of the satin and 1 piece of the strong fabric using pins. Sew using a narrow stitch and finish the edges with a zigzag stitch seam finish.
Repeat with the second pieces of the satin and the strong fabric.
Cut an 8×18 cm piece from the remaining plush. Fold in half lengthwise, face side in, and sew along the edge.
Turn inside out. Iron the “tube” gently and pin it to the bottom and top part of one piece of the plush. This will be a decoration on the front side.
Sew using a narrow stitch along the rim.

Place the zipper on a hard surface, top side up. Cover with one piece of the plush, face down, aligning the fabric with the top rim of the zipper. Secure with pins.
Place on top of a (face up) piece of the satin (the strong fabric will be on the surface). Align along the longer top rim and secure all three layers with pins.
Sew along the top rim, parallel with the zipper teeth.
Repeat sewing the other pair of (plush and satin) fabric pieces on the other side of the zipper.
Open the zipper! This is an important step, as you will need to turn the miniaudiere inside out later on.
Place the two pieces of plush one on top of the other, face-to-face. Sew the outer rim.
Repeat with the satin, the satin pieces facing one another and the strong fabric being on the outer side, leaving a 5 cm opening.
Turn the miniaudiere inside out and then again through the zipper.
Sew the satin opening.
Push the satin fabric inside the miniaudiere and close the zipper.

The last thing you need is a ribbon with which you can tie the decoration on the front into a bow. You can buy a velvet ribbon or make one from the leftover plush. Once you wrap the decoration, sew it (by hand or machine) and turn the seam under the decorative ribbon.

Option: Make a feather decoration. Take several feathers, wrap them tight with a black bias cut fabric and glue next to the ribbon. Insert a safety needle through the ribbon and secure the decoration below the plush ribbon on the front of the miniaudiere.