What you need:

a piece of cardboard
a pencil
1 piece of red felt
1 piece of pink felt
a small button
40 cm long ribbon
needle and thread

Cut the cardboard into the shape of a heart using the template.
Use the red felt to cut 2 hearts somewhat larger than the cardboard and 1 heart somewhat smaller than the cardboard heart.
Repeat with the pink felt.
Place the small pink heart on top of the large red heart and sew along the rim of the pink heart. Attach one end of the ribbon to the inside central upper rim. Sew the button in that spot from the outer side (it will keep all the layers together).
Place the cardboard heart on top of the remaining large red heart. Place the hearts with the button on top and sew along the outer rim.
Repeat with the large pink hearts and the small red heart. Sew the heart to the other end of the ribbon.