Set up a tepee in your yard or your child’s bedroom and provide hours of fun

What you need:

For the teepee:
4 – 6 bamboo poles 180 – 200 cm in length
3 m of fabric 1.50 m wide
several heavy duty elastic bands mostly used for canning
several large safety pins

For the base:
laminated fabric 1.20 x 1.20 m
4 pieces of sturdy fabric for the corners (each measuring 20 x 20 cm)

For the decoration:
flag banner

Cross the poles for the outline of the teepee. You can use 4, 5 or 6 poles – depending on how big you want the teepee to be or how many sides you want the teepee to have. The smallest size teepee will require crossing 4 poles.

If you are using a base, place the end parts of the 4 oppositely facing poles in the corners.

Using the heavy duty rubber bands wrap the poles where they meet and then fasten them with the rope.

Fold the fabric in half (to get a square measuring 1.50 m x 1.50 m) and in half again, making a triangle. Using a pair of scissors round off the edge of one of the sides of the triangle: starting from the edge measuring 1.5 m cut towards the hypotenuse (which you will also shorten to 1.5m).

Place the fabric on top of the pole frame and adjust. Tie the top with rope.

If you want you can secure the fabric to the poles using the safety pins.

Decorate your teepee with the flag banner and lights, place soft pillows inside the teepee and watch the faces of your children light up.


You can set up your teepee with or without a base. A base can come in handy for your pillows if you are planning to set up your teepee in the yard. You don’t really need a base for indoor spaces but I think it makes the teepee a bit more stable.

You can make a base or floor for your tepee by folding each small piece of fabric (20 x 20 cm) diagonally (in a triangle) and sew it to the corner of the bottom side of the laminated fabric.
When all of the triangles have been sewn on, turn them inside out and then stitch the two outer edges again.