What you need:

1 wooden cutting board with a handle
acrylic paints (red and yellow)
chalkboard paint
a ribbon
a piece of string
glitter glue (a tube)
a glue gun
a small round bowl


Place the bowl upside-down on the board, in a place where you want to write the number of days until Christmas. Trace a circle around the rim. Remove the bowl and apply a layer of chalkboard paint inside the circle. Leave to dry.
Meanwhile, use the decorative ribbon to tie a bow around the board’s handle.
Using a brush apply a second layer of the chalkboard paint in a direction vertical to that of the first layer. Leave to dry. You will have to repeat this step at least 2 more times, each time brushing in a direction vertical to the previous layer.
When the paint is completely dry, decorate the circle to your liking.
Write your text of choice on the bottom of the board, first with a pencil and then with acrylic paints.
Leave to dry before decorating with glitter glue.
When dry, glue the bow using a glue gun.
Pull the string through the hole on the board’s handle and tie a knot.
The board is ready to be hung on a wall or the entrance door.
Use the chalk to write the number of each day until Christmas, wiping off yesterday’s number with a small sponge.