What you need:

2 battens (35-40 cm long)
felt (in various colours: white, grey, cream and brown)
a piece of silver lamé
wadding fabric
thread (to match the colours of the felt) and an embroidery needle
5 wooden beads (optional)

Drill 3 holes in each batten, large enough for threading the ribbons. One hole should be right in the centre of the batten and the other two 2 cm from each end.

Draw stars of various sizes, a cloud and the moon on a piece of paper. Use the templates to cut the felt and lamé. You will need 2 equal pieces for each shape (the front and the back side).

Use thread of the same colour to sew the front and the back side together, leaving an opening. Stuff with the wadding fabric through the opening (use a pencil to help you stuff the star points) and sew the opening.

Once all the figures are done, arrange them to your liking: place the moon in the centre, and the others at the 4 ends of the mobile. Make sure that the figures at the opposite ends are of the same size.
To connect them with the ribbons, cut the ribbons and sew them to the figures, connecting those that will hang at opposite ends of the mobile.

Sew the longest pieces of ribbon to the upper side of the highest figure of each row and to the moon.

Tie the ribbon in a knot about 25 cm above the moon and thread through the central hole of both battens (the knot will be below them).

(To thread the ribbon easily, “point” the end using scotch tape.)

Add a wooden ribbon on the top side and tie a tight knot right next to it (optional). Make a loop on the free end of the ribbon to hang the mobile.

Thread the top end of each ribbon through the hole at one end of each button and tie a light knot (don’t make it tight, as you might have to adjust the length of the ribbons to get the mobile into balance).
Once pleased with your mobile, tighten the knots.