Sock monkeys are considered the world’s most adorable toys.

Materials and Tools:

1 pair of socks (adult size, striped or with a pattern)
1 ribbon
wadding fabric (to stuff the socks)
embroidery floss
2 buttons or 2 plastic eyes
thread and needle

Turn the sock around and flatten. Cut in half lengthwise, from the heel to the opening, to get the legs and the body.

Sew the legs, leaving an opening in the centre. Turn inside out and stuff the body and legs with the wadding fabric to the firmness you like. Sew the opening by hand, using an “invisible” stitch.

Tie the ribbon about 6-7 cm from the top of the body to form the monkey’s head.
Cut the other sock according to photo #2.

Cut the tail, arms and four pieces for the ears (make them large!). Use the heel for the mouth.
Turn the tail around, sew along the longer and one of the short sides. Turn inside out and fill with the wadding fabric. Sew the opening.

Follow the same procedure to make the hands.

Use the needle and thread to sew the arms to the sides of the body, right below the ribbon.

Sew the tail right above the “butt”.

Place two “ear” pieces one on top of the other, face-sides in (wrong side out) and sew along the three sides. Turn inside out, fill (lightly) with the wadding fabric and sew the opening. Sew the ears to the sides of the head.

Use the embroidery floss to make the mouth and nose on the heel.

Using the pins fix the mouth to the face and fill with the wadding fabric. Sew all sides using an “invisible” stitch.

Finally, sew the buttons or glue the plastic eyes.

NOTE: For small children, embroider the eyes using thread or floss.