For years now we have been making Christmas decorations with the names of family members and friends. We use them to tag presents, and to simply hang them on our Christmas tree.
The idea is to collect a sufficient number of tags for decorating the entire tree which will thus become a living time-machine and a monument to all our Christmases.
Our decorations are round one year, printed the next… This last time we used old photos to make no-name cards.

What you need:

cork coasters
black paint
gold spray
printed old photos
festive cake liner (with a „laced“ rim)
a large needle

Paint one side of the coasters black.

When dry, press the cake liner against it and spray with gold paint. (Do it outside, or by an open window, as the paints have an intense smell.) Leave to dry.
Meanwhile, cut the photos to the size of the coasters. We purposely cut ours carelessly, as we wanted them to look older than they actually were.
Glue the photos to the unpainted side of the coasters.
To decorate with spangles, brush the glue over the parts of the photo to be decorated and then sprinkle with spangles. Leave to dry.
Blow off any excess spangles, punch a hole and thread the string through it.