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Set up a tepee in your yard or your child's bedroom and provide hours of fun What you need: For the teepee: 4 – 6 bamboo poles 180 – 200 cm in length 3 m of fabric 1.50 m wide several heavy duty elastic bands mostly used for canning rope several large safety [...]


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For about 15 small burgers, 4 cm in diameter: For the buns: ½ l flour 1 ½ dl warm milk 10 dag fresh yeast ½ tbsp sour cream ½ dl oil ½ teaspoon salt a pinch of sugar 1 egg yolk sesame 1 pouch black food colour For the burgers: 500 g ground turkey meat [...]


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Make the piñata to suit your taste or the occasion, fill it up with sweets and hang it in the backyard or in the middle of your living room. Then comes the fun part for children! What you need: 1 large balloon white glue – wood glue newspapers, cut into smaller pieces [...]


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A 10-minute craft What you need for 1 bat: 1 cardboard roll (empty toilet paper roll) thick black collage paper (with glitter) 2 eyes black tempera paint glue gun a thick piece of thread – to hang your bat Press the top of the cardboard roll inwards with your fingers [...]


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Just like gnocchi, these fritters require a dry variety of potatoes. When in Croatia, ask for potatoes from the region of Lika. Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes about 1 kg plain flour 1 dl milk 40 g fresh yeast salt and sugar 2 pouches bourbon vanilla sugar 1 juicy apple grated zest of 1 [...]


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Just the right thing for horror parties and Halloween Ingredients: 1 kg flour 400 g butter, softened at room temperature 300 g sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla aroma or 1 pouch vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 4 eggs lemon zest – optional For the coating: 1 cup icing sugar 2-2 ½ tbsp milk [...]


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Ingredients: 600 g plain flour 2 eggs + 2 egg yolks 120 g butter, melted 2 tbsp sour cream a pinch of salt sugar, to taste 1 pouch vanilla sugar ½ tbsp grated lemon zest 1 tbsp rum 2-3 dl warm milk 1 fresh yeast 1 l frying oil Method: Crumble the yeast [...]


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Za izradu ove suknjice nije potrebno znanje šivanja. Ona je reciklirana od onog mnoštva najlonskih vrećica koje vam se vuku po domu. Uključite svoju malenu Havajku u stvaranje kostima i veselje će biti potpuno! Potrebno je: veće najlonske vrećice raznih boja (zelene, žute, ružičaste, bijele, plave...) šira guma (malo veća od opsega struka vašeg [...]


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What you need: a piece of hard cardboard hot glue (a glue gun) a glitter glue tube a pencil scissors gold spray black paint fine sand paper a piece of fabric a stick or a hard straw Print out the template and use it to cut the cardboard. Draw your design using a pencil. [...]


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Influenced by North America, we too observe the tradition of guising on the last day of October. With Noa's birthday being right around that time it gives us the chance to have a party right on Halloween. Our home is ruled by pumpkins and bats, masks, wicked menus and potions to be used with caution. [...]