By | Srpanj 21st, 2019|DOM, Pokloni, Uradi sam|

Potrebno vam je: Komad žutice ili lanenog platna 200 x 60 cm 60 cm crvene trake s pomponima Crvena boja za tekstil Magični flomaster za tekstil Perlice (u boji koralja) Igla i konac Postupak: Žuticu obrubite sa svih strana. Na jednom kraju, 30 cm od ruba, sašijte traku s pomponima (paralelno s [...]


By | Srpanj 6th, 2018|Children, DIY, Djeca, DOM, Home, Little creators, Pokloni, Presents, Uradi sam|

Let your children enjoy hours of play-time with blocks you made yourself What you need: wooden blocks, 6x6 cm (you can have them cut at any hardware store) acrylic paint Mod Podge – varnish-glue adhesive paper tape a brush sanding paper Sand all the blocks, making all the sides smooth. Use [...]


By | Lipanj 28th, 2018|DIY, DOM, Home, Uradi sam|

What you need: 1 old car tire spray paint 1 round plyboard, 55 cm in diameter, 4 cm thick 1 round sponge, 55 cm in diameter 70 cm of unbleached linen 70 cm of decorative fabric a hammer nails upholstery staple gun !Wash and dry the tire. Paint using spray paint. Place the [...]


By | Lipanj 23rd, 2018|DIY, DOM, Home, Uradi sam|

For 1 tile: leftover ceramic tile pieces 1 plastic flower pot tray chicken wire (cut to match the size of the bottom of the tray) self-adhesive paper (cut to match the size of the bottom of the tray) dry concrete water a bucket Arrange the pieces of tiles on the bottom of the [...]


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Set up a tepee in your yard or your child's bedroom and provide hours of fun What you need: For the teepee: 4 – 6 bamboo poles 180 – 200 cm in length 3 m of fabric 1.50 m wide several heavy duty elastic bands mostly used for canning rope several large safety [...]


By | Travanj 18th, 2018|DIY, DOM, Home, Let's celebrate!, Pokloni, Presents, Slavimo, Uradi sam|

What you need: 50x50 cm black plush 30x50 cm grey satin 30x50 cm strong fabric 30x50 cm interfacing fabric 1 zipper (with crystals), 25 cm long several feathers (optional) 1 safety pin Iron (to glue) the interfacing fabric to the back side of the satin. Use the template to cut two pieces from the [...]


By | Travanj 16th, 2018|DIY, DOM, Home, Pokloni, Presents, Uradi sam|

During the months in which we spend more time outdoors, by the barbeque and in large companies, a wall-mounted bottle opener will prove handy. Mount it on the wall of your terrace, porch or a tree under which you arrange your table – or give it as a present to your host. What [...]


By | Travanj 16th, 2018|DIY, Djeca, DOM, Home, Little creators, Presents, Uradi sam|

These bookends will hold your books neat, even on open-end shelves or cabinet tops. What you need: 2 pieces of wood, 10x15x2 cm each sandpaper spray paint acrylic paint brushes 2 10-cm L brackets a screwdriver and 4 screws finishing spray (optional) To sand the blocks, use coarse sandpaper first, followed [...]


By | Travanj 10th, 2018|Children, DIY, Pokloni, Presents, Uradi sam|

The longer and sunnier our days get, the more often we think of going to the beach and being outdoors. This simple backpack will help you keep all the small stuff you need at hand. What you need: 40x100 cm piece of cotton fabric (for the backpack) 26x32 cm piece of cotton fabric [...]


By | Ožujak 21st, 2018|DIY, DOM, Home, Pokloni, Presents, Uradi sam|

Add a touch of nature to your home by decorating walls with living pictures made from succulent plants. What you need: 1 deep wooden box with a lid (similar to a key box) OR a deep wooden box and an appropriate size frame 1 large plastic bag 1 piece of mosquito netting [...]