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Ingredients: ½ kg fresh codfish about ¾ kg potatoes (boiled whole, then peeled and thinly sliced) a bunch of parsley leaves 5-6 cloves garlic salt and pepper a fair amount of olive oil Method: Cook and sieve the fish reserving 2 dl of the cooking water. Bone the fish tearing “flakes” of meat. Place [...]


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Ingredients: For the sponge: 3 eggs (separate yolks and whites) 3 tbsp cold water 150 ml sugar 150 ml flour Crème # 1: 250 g chocolate 125 g butter 5 eggs (separate yolks and whites) 75 g icing sugar 3 gelatine sheets Crème # 2: 4 egg yolks 100 g sugar 150 ml milk 1 [...]


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Ingredients: 500 g flour 25 g fresh yeast cuttlefish ink ½ teaspoon sugar ¾ teaspoon salt water and olive oil cooked tomatoes mussels (cleaned), cuttlefish, whole scampi (or prawns), salted anchovies, fresh salmon, surimi,… - what you have on hand 4 cloves garlic, chopped ½ glass white wine olive oil parsley leaves grated mozzarella cheese [...]


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For about 15 small burgers, 4 cm in diameter: For the buns: ½ l flour 1 ½ dl warm milk 10 dag fresh yeast ½ tbsp sour cream ½ dl oil ½ teaspoon salt a pinch of sugar 1 egg yolk sesame 1 pouch black food colour For the burgers: 500 g ground turkey meat [...]


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Ingredients: ½ kg flour 1 fresh yeast ½ l warm milk 2 eggs + 1 egg yolk 70 g sugar 20 g vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 1 large tbsp rum 120 g butter, softened Method: Crumble the yeast in a cup. Add a small amount of flour and warm milk. Cover with [...]


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Ingredients: For the sponge (génoise): 6 eggs 180 g sugar 1 pouch vanilla sugar 150 g plain flour For the crème: 6 egg yolks ½ l milk 150 g sugar 30 g starch (or plain flour) 1 vanilla pod (or 1 tbsp vanilla) ½ l sweet cream (@ refrigerator temp.) ½ kg strawberries 2 pouches [...]


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Ingredients: 300 g lady fingers 1 can pear compote (or 4 large poached Williams pears) Crème No. 1 200 ml sweet cream 100 g dark chocolate 1 tbsp cocoa powder Crème No. 2 200 g mascarpone cheese 200 ml sweet cream 3-4 tbsp icing sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Method: You will first need [...]


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Ingredients: 1 package of bigna (choux pastry balls, the same you’d use for St. Honoré cake) 500 ml sweet cream For the ganache: 150 g sugar 250 g dark chocolate 60 g flour 8 egg yolks 25 g butter 1 vanilla pod 1 l milk Method: Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and add to [...]


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A sweet&salty surprise Ingredients: For the brownie layer: ½ cup butter 2 eggs (medium size) 1 cup brown sugar 80 g dark chocolate, chopped a pinch of salt ½ teaspoon vanilla (or 1 pouch vanilla sugar) ½ cup plain flour For the peanut mousse: 250 g peanut butter 500 ml sweet cream ¼ [...]


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According to the recipe published in 1916, in the book Culinary recipes to the benefit of the Red Cross in Croatia and Slavonia, reprinted by Mr. Zlatko Puntijar Ingredients: For the croquant: 100 g almonds, peeled and coarsely chopped 100 g sugar For pastry No. 1: 100 g butter 5 egg yolks 100 [...]