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For 4: Satay: 400 g chicken breast, cut into cubes 2 tbsp chop shallot 2 tbsp chop garlic 2 tbsp sweet soy sauce 2 tbsp salty soy sauce 2 tbsp lime juice 2 tbsp coconut oil salt, white pepper    Peanut sauce: 200 g peanut 2 clove garlic 4 shallot 1 tbsp palm sugar 1 [...]


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Ingredients: 1 kg cleaned strawberries 500 g sugar 1 pouch Želin (or other natural pectin/gelling agent) Method: Stem the strawberries and wash gently under running water. Leave to drain. Process with a (hand) blender. (If you prefer “coarse” to “smooth” jam, dice the strawberries using a knife.) Weigh. Place in a cooking pot and [...]


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Fudge is a high-calorie sweet, rich in sugar and fat while lacking moisture, hence it keeps well. It is served sliced into cubes. It is traditionally prepared from milk, butter and sugar with the addition of nuts and dried fruits. Ingredients: 750 ml condensed milk 600 g dark chocolate a pinch of salt [...]


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Ingredients: 1 kg oyster mushrooms 2 tbsp sour cream 1 onion 1 clove garlic 100 g butter 250 g lamb’s lettuce pumpkin seed oil aceto balsamico 200 g carrots 1 tbsp chopped almonds Priprema: Make a marinade by combining the aceto balsamico, oil, salt and pepper. Peel the carrots and thinly slice. [...]


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A traditional Brasilian sweets Ingredients: 1 can of condensed milk (400 ml) 4 tbsp chocolate (or cocoa) powder 1 tbsp butter 1 cup chocolate or coloured sprinkles Method: Combine the condensed milk, chocolate and butter in a pot. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until bubbles form on the surface. Reduce the [...]


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Sugar and flour free Ingredients: 500 g boiled and peeled chestnuts 5 tbsp almond liqueur or orange juice (or rum) 5 tbsp acacia honey 6 eggs (separated) 1 tbsp vanilla 250 g ground almonds a pinch of salt 1 pouch baking powder For the icing: 50 g chocolate 100 ml sweet cream almond [...]


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Ingredients: 200 g almonds, peeled and ground (almond flour) 70 g potato flour 150 g melted butter 4 eggs, separated egg yolks and egg whites 150 g a pinch of salt grated lemon zest 1 vanilin sugar 30 ml Limoncello Method: Preheat the oven to 180 ºC. Grease a 25-cm cake tin and line [...]


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Melt the butter and chocolate over low heat. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 180 ºC. Grease a 20-cm cake tin and line with a sheet of parchment paper. Beat the egg yolks with half the amount of sugar, grated zest and rum until foamy. Add the lukewarm chocolate. Stir with a spatula. Stir in [...]


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A recipe by Anita Šupe I keep several slices of this bread in my freezer at all times. I take it out in the evening, spread the slices with butter or cheese spread in the morning, top with a slice of ham or cheese and enjoy a tasty (gluten-free) breakfast! Ingredients: 4 [...]


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Sastojci: 1-2 crvena luka, sitno nasjeckana 700 g fileta pilećih prsa, narezanih na kockice 2 češnja češnjaka, usitnjena 1 mala čili papričica (ili više, volite li ljuto) 1 - 2 žlice curry praha (mješavina začina) 2 žlice kokosovog brašna 1 konzerva kokosovog mlijeka ½ šalice jušnog temeljca sol i papar Priprema: U dubokoj [...]